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Livesey Brothers have been growing Eryngi Mushrooms for many years. 

The Eryngi is also known as the king oyster, the Eryngi mushrooms is a very unique shape and comes in a variety of sizes. The Eryngi is extremely delicious and incredible texture, giving it the ability to absorb and carry flavour combinations making it perfect for meat dishes and sauces based dishes. The Eryngi is a great substitution for meat in any dish, particularly chicken.

The Eryngi mushroom is really easy to cook and takes around 5 minutes to shallow fry, keeping its firm bite and full size.

Eryngi Mushroom (King Oyster)

How to prepare Eryngi Mushrooms

You Will Need

Livesey Bros Eryngi

Oil of your choice (We recommend rapeseed oil)

Salt and Pepper to season

Frying Pan

Wooden Spoon

Sharp Kife

Chopping Board

Hob (Gas or electric)


  1. Using a sharp knife and a chopping board, remove the base of the mushroom and slice the Eryngi lengthways.

  2. Over a high heat, add butter or oil to the pan and bring to a high temperature.

  3. When the oil or butter is hot, add the Eryngi.

  4. Cook for 4-5 minutes until the Eryngi is crisp and brown.

  5. Season with salt and pepper and serve whilst hot.

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