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Livesey Brothers Woodland Mushroom Farm

Lowerfields Farm




Tel: 01530 415862

Fresh UK Grown

Woodland Mushrooms

Woodland Mushroom Varieties 

At Livesey Brothers we grow eight different varieties of woodland mushrooms. All of our woodland mushrooms are easy to prepare and cook. With most of our mushrooms, there is little wastage and each mushroom brings its own individual taste and texture to a dish.  

The Oyster Mushroom has a delicate taste, but also has the ability to absorb surrounding flavours. This means it can increase the strength of a dish  which makes it an ideal addition to soups and sauces.

Buna Shimeji and its cousin Shiro Shimeji are both firm in bite. Buna has a nutty taste that goes well with meat and Shiro has a slightly sweet taste. Both add unique flavours to soups and curry sauces.

White Enoki and Golden Enoki are very unique mushrooms due to their long, string like stems. They are a great, low calorie alternative to noodles and pasta.

Eryngi is also know as the King Oyster mushroom, due to it being the King of the Oyster variety. Is has a thick, firm bite and like the oyster, can absorb and enhance even the simplistic of flavours.

Maitake is so beautiful in flavour and texture, according to Chinese folk law, when it was found, people used to dance and sing, earning the mushroom the title of “The Dancing Mushroom”.

Shiitake is very similar to white mushrooms in shape, but has a much more peppery taste and meatier aroma when cooked.