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Pomegranate & Enoki Mushroom Salad

This extremely scrumpticious Pomegranate & Enoki Mushroom Salad is fantastic way to create a yummy and colourful salad. This dish can be made as a side dish or you could add any meat or extra veg and make it your own.

Pomegranate & Enoki Salad

Ingredients Pomegranate & Enoki Mushroom Salad– serves 4

100g spinach

1 large pomegranate

80g enoki mushrooms

3 tbsp. Balsamic vinegar

2 tbsp. olive oil

Method Pomegranate & Enoki Mushroom Salad

  1. Place the spinach into a large salad bowl.

  2. Deseed the pomegranate and add to the bowl.

  3. Chop the stalk off the Enoki bunch, add to the bowl.

  1. In a small bowl add the balsamic vinegar and the olive oil stirring well to create a salad dressing.

  2. Add the dressing to the spinach, pomegranate and Enoki salad.

  3. Serve as a side dish or add chicken to create a delicious salad.


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