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Smoked Salmon and Buna Shimeji Blinis

Simple smoked salmon and buna shimeji blinis, are an extremely delicious starter or light lunch. Adding buna shimeji mushrooms to any smoked salmon dish is a perfect combination of flavours.

Smoked salmon and buna shimeji blinis


1 Pack of Livesey Bros Buna Shimeji

1 Pack of Blinis (or make your own).

75ml of Crème Fraiche

1 packet of smoked salmon

Cracked Black Pepper

10g of butter

smoked salmon mushroom canapes


  1. Toast the blinis according to the instructions on the packaging.

  2. Heat the butter in a pan over a medium heat.

  3. Prepare the mushrooms (preparing instructions here) and fry in the pan until golden.

  4. Meanwhile, place one teaspoon of crème fraiche onto each blini.

  5. Tear up the smoked salmon and place onto the blini.

  6. Top the blinis with the cooked buna shimeji and add generous lashings of cracked black pepper.

  7. Serve with champagne and our other mushroom meals canapés.


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